Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Happiness and thrilled

Last week, I really felt tired, sleepy and moody, I thought my period is coming that's why my mood totally changed. My period day was already over the due date. There's one kind of feelings when I thought of it. Was I preg.....t? Gosh, that word is so ironic!!!! I told my hubby about my problem and with confident he told me, you're pregnant sayang. But I still not satisfied with his answer so we went to the guardian pharmacy and bought the pregnancy test but I told my hubby that I will checked it in the morning. He looked at me with a big smile and said 'sayang, no need the test coz I'm very sure u're pregnant, trust me'..but my answer to him was, 'I'll wait for tomorrow morning abang, at least there's a proof on that whether I'm pregnant or not',,,he just smiled at me.

Well guess what!!!! that morning in the toilet, before I took my bath, I did the test and its POSITIVE,,,,God I'm pregnant and I'm going to be a mother. My feelings at that time was happy, scared, thrilled and happy. I told my hubby about the results and he straight away said,' I told u so', and he hugged and kissed me with joy and happiness, We're going to be a mama and papa...so syokkkk. I cannot hide the news, I told my family, colleagues and my close friends about it and they're happy for us.

Now, I have to take good care of my health, food and everything that related to pregnancies for my baby, my first child. I pray to ALLAh so that both me and the baby is ok throughout the 9 mths of the pregnancies. Insyaallah...


shafarina said...

Oh dear, congratulations!!!

Welcome to the club! So it means your EDD will be around May, June la ek?

Take good care of your baby and yourself tau! :)

ladyred said...

Thanks wan and how about you? Pregnant too i guest, when is the due date, hehehe? mine one lebih kurang mcm u ckp tu dlm mid of May or end,,, well, a mother to be,,,bestnya and scary gak hehhe



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