Friday, 14 September 2007


These past few weeks, my health is not that excellent like before. I was on MC mostly every month since I joined this company. I don't know why this things happen and I 'm scared that it will effect my job performance. There's so many things happen to me for the past 3 mth such as I was bz planning for my big day until my BP increased coz of the hipertension, my mum's sick and migrain attacked me often. Yesterday I was on MC again and when I told the doctor my problem, she said what to do you're sick. I pray to god all the time so that God can take away the disease far away from me. I want to be a healthy person without any problem thinking about my bad health. Health is so important to me coz I am still young and I don't want, by the time I reach 40 or 50, I am not in a good condition to do anything.

Today is my 2nd day fasting and I hope that I can finish it without any disturbances from my illness. Hopefully everything will be ok and I can be a friendly, relax and workoholic girl back again.



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