Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Bomb Threat

Today around 3pm, while I was checking my mail, there was an announcement made for the whole office building. When I heard the announcement I felt my stomach churning hard. There's a bomb threat called at my office and this was because of the date 9/11. Everybody started to grab their things such as handphone and wallet before we started leading our way to the exit staircase. Well guess what, i was at the 10th floor and I did not stop praying hopefully it's all a prank call. If the bomb threat was real, I am very sure the bomb will explode by the time I reach the 7th or 6th Floor.
I was so dissappointed coz all the staffs went down the stairs, taking their own sweet time without feeling scared of the situation occured. By the time I reached the ground floor and out of the building i felt so relief that everything was ok. We waited for about 1 and a half hour before the bomb squad announced that the building was save. What to do this is what we will facing in the future if we are working in a MNC company owned by foreigners. Just keep on praying and wish that all this incident will not happen in real.

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